Home Improvement Plan Paper

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According to market research and home improvement, trends 53% of homeowners in the US have done some type of home improvement. Home improvement projects with the most potential to raise the value of the home range from changing the home’s lighting to upgrading flooring, countertops and cabinets.
The choice of materials, size of the DIY nightmares and big mistakes affect the final cost. Keep in mind the financial data varies depending on the location within the USA. Costs will always differ from the east to the west coast.
1. Decks – Cost $10,000 – resale value $7000 – 70% recoup
2. Garage Door replacement - Cost of $1500 – resale value $1000 – 80% recoup
3. Siding Replacement - Cost of $15,000 – resale value $10,000 – 80% recoup
4. Minor
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Finding an off brand product for less than 50% is not always a deal. Recognized brands have warranties and back up the product’s quality. That 50% savings could create a DIY nightmare costing three times more to replace or repair.
Tile Work
Incorrect tile placements are common mistakes for the DIY projects. Wrong positions and gaps are hard to hide. Start out by working from the center of the space. Working from the center to outside edge keeps the tile layout looking the same. Only one way to fix this mistake, remove the tile and start over.
There are two types of grout; sanded and unsanded. Sanded grout is used for most home improvement projects. Unsanded is used for small tile joints, stone or glass tile because the sanded grout can damage this type of material. Make sure you are using the recommended manufacturer’s grout material; otherwise, you may find yourself replacing the tiles.
DIY Spring Time Big Mistakes
1. Landscaping - It is not just gardening or tree trimming. If the home’s older than 20 years, mature trees were planted to create shading. In most cases, the roots have taken hold and crushing unground pipes or the home’s foundation. A professional can help remove and replant for another 20
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