Home Is A Home As A Place In My Life

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What is home? A home doesn’t consist of objects or possessions; a home is a place filled with memories, love, and happiness. Home isn’t a physical place, it’s a feeling of affection inside of a house. When I think of the word home, I think of a safe zone. It’s a place where one can feel sheltered by things from the outside world. Home is a place that I can count on to provide stability and structure in my life. It’s a place I can be my complete self and express any emotions I may be feeling, without being judged. At the age of twelve, my parents got divorced and the meaning of “home” changed. I often moved back and forth between parents and did not have a steady place to stay. Even though while growing up I faced many different family challenges and struggles each day, it has shaped my identity and provided me with many life lessons. My experiences can set examples to my peers by portraying that nothing is guaranteed and anything is bound to change at any given time. If I could give any words of wisdom to my peers it would be to never take your family for granted because it can be gone in the blink of an eye. I am thankful for the setback that I was given because I was able to make a powerful comeback. More importantly, I have had the opportunity to find who I truly am as a person throughout this journey. For me, home is more than just the walls and roof that I am surrounded by. I could be living in a multi-million-dollar home with the most impeccable interior,
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