Home Is Not A Place

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According to the Dictionary.com, the term “Home” is a place in which one’s domestic affections are centered. Home is not same as a house. Sure thing that home can be a house, but it stretches out more than just a roof, four walls, windows and a door. Home is where one was raised. Where one played, laughed, cried, and learned. It is where one grew. Where that same person became himself or herself- a strong, intelligent individual that is confident. Home is beyond being just a place. Home is an environment. It is the emotion that signifies greeting once doors are open. It is the people, friends, neighbors that are waiting for returnees. Therefore, home is not a place but a feeling where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong, and happiness never ends.
Home, sweet home is a saying that is usually used as an expression of one’s pleasure or a relief at returning to one’s own home. Place where we feel safe and secure, where we have freedom to pursue all our goals. Sometimes we take it for granted that we actually have place where we can fulfill our basic needs, as well as be surrounded by the special people in our lives who make the places we live in, our homes. In addition, some may argue that not everyone has a home, and other may say opposite. Example of this dilemma may be viewed and inferred through many people such as refugees and asylum seekers. They are all examples of individuals who seek a new and better life. These are people whose native countries…

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