Home Is Where The Heart Is

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Kaedee Kay Bergquist
College Literature
Home is Where the Heart Is
Ask anyone what home means to him or her, and I guarantee that every single person would have a different answer to give. To me, home is a place of freedom to do what one wants without being worried about consequences, where everything is familiar; everything has memories, good or bad. Home is the people who are there, not so much the building itself.
Freedom is an important aspect of home to me. In my home, I have the freedom to watch over everything. This includes the old clock on the wall, the rusty outside railing, and the birds’ nest right above our front door. In response to the fact that their home might soon be taken from them, one of the characters in “Home” by Gwendolyn Brooks says, “The shafts and pools of light, the tree, the graceful iron, might soon be viewed possessively by different eyes.” They mention things that I imagine have become precious to them while they could be easily ignored by anyone else. These characters hold a love for their home that goes beyond the fact that it shelters them. When I see the cracks in the ceiling of my living room, I distinctly remember asking about them as a young child and receiving an answer that did not make any sense to me at the time. Much like myself, these characters love their home for the little things that embody it and distinct it from other houses.
Home should be a familiar place. The poem “Home” by Edgar Albert Guest states in
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