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There was a time in my life that four walls and a roof over my head didn't mean much to me. I am therefore surprised to see how much joy and fulfillment I have experienced from something I never thought I wanted. The stereotypical American dream of owning a home and raising a family had never been what I pictured myself doing, let alone finding any type of fulfillment in it. My dreams were to travel the world and try new things; things that no one had ever achieved before. I wanted to see things I had never imagined and help people on a global scale. It is not to say that these are no longer the dreams I pursue, but there has been a complete metamorphosis in my ambitions. I find joy in the most simple and ordinary place: my home. A…show more content…
The exterior of my yard is welcoming and beautifully landscaped with maple trees, hedges, flower beds, stone borders, and a bright white marble bird bath. I planted all the flowers shortly after we moved in, working hard to create a display that would be colorful throughout the year. The house has one of the greenest lawns on the street that is meticulously manicured to help add to the overall pride that is taken with the home. My children enjoy playing in the yard daily; the lush grass and quiet atmosphere of our neighborhood makes playtime an enjoyable event that my children look forward to. The house has a brick exterior that I am especially thankful for because it is low maintenance and always looks flawless, which fits my busy lifestyle perfectly. In the back yard I built four raised garden boxes that are each 20 square feet and have a self watering system installed. I was able to grow a large portion of our own food this last summer, and even had space to grow a few pumpkins that my family carved this year for Halloween. Upon entering the house through a bright red heavy wood door, there is a dark green stone tile entryway that I replaced over the summer that welcomes guests into the living room. When I walk through that door I have a feeling I've never felt before, a feeling of being home. It is not just a feeling that it is the place to end the day, but a genuine feeling of being surrounded by my favorite place in the

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