Home Life And Social Life Affect Education

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Freedom Writers
Home life and social life affect education
Freedom Writers tells a story that mainly happens between a young teacher named Erin and her students of different races. Erin needs to balance the demands of her husband Scott and her students. She takes two extra part-time jobs to support her education career, which is ridiculous for normal people. However, some people think it is worth being a teacher like that. Yet others hold opposite views about what Erin has done for her students. The relationships Erin forms with her students inspire admiration and deep attachment in readers’ hearts. It is obvious that home life and social life affect education.
Erin’s students lived in an environment filled with war and violence. They were born in an unfair society, where anger, struggle, confusion, contradictions, helpless, and corruption filled their days. 1 At first, they said that they didn’t know her, she didn’t know them. Why should they show their respect for her . They hated her because she was a white person. 2 therefore, they were angry with Erin as she was white. It was understandable for them to behave like that, because there was no socially acceptable way to let them vent their anger. They never listen to her and even betting when Erin would give up. Erin tried to do everything to live in harmony with them. It turned out to be useless. One day, a picture that aimed at laughing a boy’s big nose was seen by Erin. It reminded her of the attitude that Nazi towards
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