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PRG/211 September 1, 2014 Problem Statement: It doesn’t matter where you live or whether you rent or own, home maintenance is one of the most important things that you will have as a home owner or renter. When you do regular maintenance on your home, you elude much larger costs of issues that may arise if you neglect your duties as a responsible homeowner. The best way to protect your residence is through preventive maintenance, it is better to spend the extra time and little money at the initial spot of a problem than waiting until it worsens. Home maintenance doesn’t only focus on structural integrity of the home but it also involves, yard work, checking your drains, maintaining home appliances plus much more. Everything we buy now…show more content…
Once the password is entered, the parent will have the option to input up to three chores for the child to complete (line 8). That concludes the steps for the user if they are signed on as the parent. As the child, the program will goto line 4 and then line 9 since it is the child signing in. Line 11 will display the chores the child will need to get done for the day. Developed Pseudo code 1. Application Starts 2. Write “Are you the parent or child?” 3. Input Response / response entered is ‘parent’ 4. If else see line # 9 5. Prompt: ‘Input Password’ 6. If password is incorrect, display ‘Try again” and goto line #5 if else see line #7 7. If password is correct, display ‘Thank you’ 8. Program will display box for parent to input chores 9. Input Response / response entered is ‘child’ 10. Write “Please complete the following chores” 11. Dialog box will pop up with the daily chores that need to be completed. The team developed a simple computer program to help parents task their children with daily chores that need to be completed each day. Since the team are beginners at developing programs, we decided to focus on an uncomplicated program. Home maintenance is extremely important and can be cost effective as long as you stay up to date with all the maintenance tasks, even with the things that might
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