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Problems with home maintenance can become harmful if not taken care of in a timely manner. The most cost-effective way to protect your home is with ongoing and preventive maintenance. Spending time and money now can help avoid costly repairs and improve your home’s ability to with stand natural hazards. Ongoing maintenance goes a long way toward avoiding costly repairs, improving energy efficiency, prolonging the life of major systems and appliances and preserving your home’s value. A regular schedule of seasonal maintenance is the best way to protect your home and stop the most common and costly problems, before they occur. Establishing a routine, you will find the work is easier to accomplish and not as time-consuming. There are simple…show more content…
Input each task numbered 1 or 2 for complete or incomplete

2. Insert For loop to ensure only a valid input (1-2) is entered

a. If not – kick back incorrect input prompt requesting valid input.

3. Repeat this module throughout all the tasks

Output Data Module – which combines with Perform Calculations Module

1. Insert IF condition that reads the value entered for each task

a. IF status = 1 the task is complete

i. Output message letting user know task is complete

b. IF status does not equal 1 task is incomplete

i. Insert If condition to read current season

ii. If current season matches season task is due – output message indicating incomplete task currently due

iii. If season task is due is in the future - output message indicating incomplete task due in the future

iv. If season task is due was in the past – output message indicating incomplete task due in the past



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