Home Message For Children And Parents

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A key take home message is that preschool children (ages 3-4) need to engage in 60 minutes of physical activity a day, in order to enhance their health and well-being (Gabbard & Rodrigues, 2008; Canada Sport for Life, 2005; Oliver et al., 2007). However, this message is more aimed at the parents of preschool children, because it is their responsibility to ensure that their child is participating in an adequate amount of exercise (Klesges et al., 1990). Parents have demonstrated a positive correlation to the physical activity of their children (Klesges et al., 1990). Therefore, those parents that provide their children with a lack of encouragement, will notice decreased physical activity among their children (Klesges et al., 1990). Consequently, parents need to support their children to engage in 60 minutes of physical activity a day, in order to improve their health. This is an important message for children and parents, as it aims to enhance the well-being and health of preschool-aged children (Oliver et al., 2007). Participating in regular physical activity improves bone health, aerobic fitness, and it is beneficial for the development of fundamental motor skills (Oliver et al., 2007). Bone health is increased due to physical activity, because exercise provides bones with more strength. This is important because as you get old your bones weaken, however if you begin exercising during preschool years, you have a higher chance of making physical activity a habit, which will
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