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CMT 2321: Home mess, The development of a home messaging and communication system


In today’s modern world Majority of people lives in a shared accommodation, whether it is a family home, students living together or the group of strangers living in a shared accommodation. Due to the busy schedule and clash of work timings people get very less time to communicate with their fellow residents.

Therefore this lack of communication can leads to various types of conflicts and problems. Like paying of bills, cleaning the house or cooking. To overcome these issues there is need of sufficient communications between the residents of the house.

Hence there are various types of methods used by the people to communicate with
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Therefore to do that the data was analyzed and combined to produce a chart of data where trends in answers can be made from each user group indentified.

Results: After analyzing the data and all the information collected from the user research we found the following results: * Those living in private family accommodation or are friends with their cohabitants are mostly satisfied with current communication. * Those living with strangers felt communication methods unsatisfactory and would benefit with home communication system. * Family members and friends mostly communicate verbally and informally whereas strangers use email/text messaging and more formal communication. * Family members and friends feel that a home communication system may add too much formality to household. * Accommodation with more habitants has less effective communication and feels they would benefit more from a home communication system. * Most interviewees feel that a system should provide notifications, a calendar and have a touch screen interface. * Some interviewees suggested avatars and user accounts as well as remote access to the system. * Interviewees suggested that system should be installed in communal place such as kitchen or hall way in place of a notice board, where there is a high footfall by all house members daily.

Using the results and analyzed data the following chart was created where the trends in answers was
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