Home Modifications For A Person 's Environment

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Home modifications are changes made to a person’s environment to increase their level of independence, heighten occupational performance, and to prevent possible accidents. There are many ways to modify a home such as architectural (ramp), adaptive equipment (reacher), major home renovations (bathroom/bedroom), and even simple safety modifications such as removal of throw rugs and wearing shoes when walking (Stark, Landsbaum, et al., 2009).
Among the many OT interventions available for baby boomers, and others that are getting older, one of the most beneficial ones is home modifications. How can home modifications impact someone’s life? According to Aplin, Jonge, and Gustafsson (2015), home modifications can impact five areas (dimensions): the personal, occupational, physical, temporal, and social aspects. During a study of 42 modified households, these dimensions were investigated in depth. The personal aspect represented safety, appearance, independence, and freedom. Are home modifications always readily accepted by the client? Participants enjoyed the ability to do activities on their own in a secure manner. However, some people stated that the modifications were not up to their home appearance standards. Furthermore, some participants were disappointed in the amount of control they had over their modifications. They stated that insurance had guidelines and restrictions that hindered what they had expected. The occupational dimension allowed many people to perform
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