Home Mothers And Working Mothers

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Participants: The participants included two working mothers and two stay-at-home mothers within the ages of 20-35. All the participants I found were close friends or acquaintances but the hardest part was to find stay at home mothers. The method used for my research was interview questions. I asked five questions for each mother, two separate sets of questions for stay-at-home mothers and working mothers. The first participant was a thirty-two year old, full-time working mother who is also currently enrolled at Sacramento State has three children. The second participant was a twenty-two year old, who is a full-time mother working at a dental office in Stockton, CA. She is a long-time friend who has a three-year old boy. The third participant a twenty-six year old, is a stay-at-home mother with two boys, ages three and four. My last participant was my sister’s best friend, a stay-at-home mother, but also a part-time student with two boys, a ten year old and a five year old. Three of the mothers that I interviewed were single with only one that has a husband. Findings: Some of the major findings about stay-at-home mothers were that there weren’t very many to interview. The majority of the people that I socialize with are either part-time mothers or full-time working mothers. For my research I decided to choose two stay-at-home mothers that had no part-time job. I also found that stay-at-home mothers main motivation is their children, staying home with their children gave
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