Home Needs A Strong Backbone

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Every Home needs a Strong Backbone – Your Kitchen

We live in the city of dreams, Delhi. A metro politician where time is money and every minute counts. Life is a constant stream of hustle and bustle. It is in this whirlwind of what is our lives we have our own slice of heaven – Our Home. Perhaps our new home, just got the keys to it, a dream we worked hard to achieve or maybe our childhood home, have run through the rooms since the time we learnt how to walk. Each room as an extension of us fuses to create the soul of our home rendering its unique touch. But every soul needs a backbone, to give it strength, to keep it going.
So what gives our home the backbone it needs? Which room in our home ties it into a strong unit? There could always be only one answer.
The beauty of a kitchen lies in how effortlessly it blends into every aspect of your life. You don’t need to be a master chef to enjoy your kitchen, if truth be told it will cherish being a part of your home even when you smoke up its walls with your various attempts to learn the art of cooking. It bonds with you like no other part of your home, be it a steaming cup of tea to beat a stressful day at work, the aromas of spices and herbs to transport us back to our mom’s kitchen or even a midnight snack to help us sleep. Understanding our Kitchen….
Something so essential to us always needs special attention in being designed. Over time designers around the world have worked at making the kitchen a finer version of

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