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A home visit was conducted with the guardian on 02/28/2016. Upon arrival, it was noted that the house was clean and appropriate. There was an adequate amount of food, running water and electricity in the home. Blake has his own room and appropriate sleeping accommodations. Blake was very excited to show me his room and his monster truck pictures on the wall. Mr. David Seward and Mrs. Diane Seward were both present at the home visit. Mrs. Seward reported that there son brought his than girlfriend home because she was homeless and had a five month old son, Blake Deleon. The Seward's son and Ms. Shiner are no longer together. During that time when Ms. Shiner was living with the Diane and David Seward they noticed that Ms. Shiner was unable to care…show more content…
and Mr. Seward reports that they are more than willing to accommodate visits between Ms. Shiner and Blake however, all they ask is for a 24 hour notice to make arrangements, they also reported that they will only allow visits to occur at there house or at a half way point because of Ms. Shiners unstable housing and they do not always know where and who Ms. Shiner is staying with. Currently, Mrs. and Mr. Seward reports that Ms. Shiner is living in the Alpena area with her boyfriend Keegan Kruttlin and his mother. Mr. and Mrs. Seward reports that Keegan has a form of autism and also has felony charges, Mrs. Seward also reports she spoke with Keegan's mother and she stated that Keegan and Brandy are both in rough places. They currently have no issues providing for Blake financially, Blake is on Mrs. Seward's insurance plan from work plus has Medicaid for a secondary insurance. Mr. and Mrs. Seward reports that Blake is attending day care at Good Shepard in Roscommon. Blake enjoys day care but he is upset because he missed going to preschool in the day care with his friends by two months because of his birthday. Blake is also potty training and Mr. and Mrs. Seward reports that Blake is doing well and they use a reward
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