Home Or An Assisted Living Program

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For many people, the idea of living in a retirement home or an assisted living program is an affront to their dignity and independence. The majority of the aging population would prefer to stay in their own homes, and live out their days surrounded by their own belongings in a comfortable environment.
For many seniors, staying in their own home, or “aging in place” is more possible now than ever. With a little pre-planning, more people can live independently even when some assistance is needed.
Physical Modifications to the Home
Mobility and safety are the two key concerns when considering whether an older person should stay in his or her home. Often, simple changes can be made to make sure that a person can easily access important areas of the home.
For example, some older people may have difficulty with stairs. If a house has two stories, handrails can be installed which make stairs easier to navigate. If climbing stairs is impossible, motorized ramps can carry a person between floors. If a ramp or carrying system is too expensive, rooms on the first floor may need to be converted into a bedroom and bathroom.
In the bathroom, simple modifications like handrails and grab bars in the showers can prevent falls and other accidents. Some older adults may benefit from a seat in the shower, so that they do not have to stand for prolonged periods. Additionally, installing shower heads which are lower to the floor and extend can be useful for adults who need to remain seated…
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