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My profession affords me the opportunity to bring home $3,750 a month before taxes. The first two expenses that are deducted from my paycheck as soon as I receive my direct deposit is my mortgage ($600/homeowner’s insurance included) and my car note ($400), when combined amount to $1,000 a month. Since I enjoy driving to work every day, the next $280 goes to my monthly gas allowance ($50 a week) and my auto insurance ($80) if there is an accident. Next, comes my utilities which include: Alabama Power ($300), Alagasco ($75/Only used for cooking and heating purposes), Water Works ($100/Mostly made up of sewage), and Waste Management ($40), and those combined typically cost me $515 a month. Next in line, are my necessities which include: Groceries and household supplies ($400/After losing a bit of weight a lot of my food is organic which is more expensive), and my clothing ($250/ Apparel is important, but I’m not obsessed) for a total of $650. After that, are my personal debts/expenses which include: Capital One credit card ($50/$500 limit, but I don’t make many purchases outside of emergencies), Wells Fargo banking fees ($25), MetroPCS…show more content…
Somehow, after spending 92% of my monthly income, I still have an extra $300 a month in addition to my savings to tuck away for emergencies and other expenses, so all my expenses are covered and I am still in the black. Summarily, I would like to thank God that I obtained TEACH grants for college and owe no student loans. My job also provides full medical coverage so I am good there. There were no speeding tickets, trips to the doctor, or medical emergencies this year so I did not need to pay any co-payments or deductibles. I am also thankful I am not a parent. Life is good. Or so it
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