Home Remedies And Alternative Medicines

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As we can see fro our discussion about home remedies and alternative medicines, that are cultural up bring plays a huge part in who we are today. Cultural by definition is a way of life, influenced by behaviors, beliefs, values, and symbols. These beliefs are passed from one generation to the next (Texas A&T University,N.D.). In this essay we will discuss how cultural differences can play a part in a patient’s non compliance with medication. We will be staying the case of a 12 year old African American child Lanesha who’s asthma is not controlled by her medication. She lives with her Grandmother, who believe don’t cares about her health or the medication. The Healthcare provider Hannah doesn’t understand why the Grandmother is having a heard time controlling her Grandchild or the medical condition. We will discuss Lanesha’s non compliance with her medication and how the Hannah might be able to help the family. 1. From a cultural perspective, is it unusual that Grandmother Marietta is the primary care giver? It is culturally acceptable within the African American community for grandparents to be involved in raising their grandchild or becoming custodial parents. This can be traced back to the structure of the West African families during Slavery. During this time families where often times turn apart due to the Slave Trade, so families fought hard to stay together when the opportunity was given. This continued through the first half of the both century, working…
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