Home Remedies And Its Effects On Health Professionals

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Although my dad acquired health insurance through his job later in life, the lack of exchange with health professionals as well as cultural barriers caused my parents to be skeptical of doctors, a skepticism that I too developed. Whenever someone had a medical issue, home remedies were the immediate course of action. When I developed gallstones, the doctors suggested surgery, but my mother refused until we tried her treatment first. This meant I had to drink half a cup of olive oil, an herbal tea that acts as a laxative and then sleep on my right side to get the stones out. It didn’t work. For me, the knowledge of science in school and my immersion into western culture subdued this distrust of health professionals. Furthermore, a stint of cancer in a close family member had us spending most of our time in hospitals- an experience that showed me the healing powers of a different kind of medicine I had not grown up with. I had developed an appreciation of all medicines and learned that the form of medicine my parents trusted and the form of medicine I had become passionate about did not have to be mutually exclusive. That is, when I decided to become a doctor I found that this made me more aware of a holistic view of medicine that many patients of different cultural backgrounds value.
It was my third year in college when I realized I wanted to be a primary care practitioner after volunteering in a student run clinic that provided health services to the underserved Latino…
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