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Angina is a severe pain in the chest that is caused due to ischemia of the heart muscle. It happens due to lack of blood which results in shortage of oxygen. Generally there may be obstruction or spasm of the heart blood vessel called the coronary arteries that creates a feeling that the heart is strangled. Angina may or may not cause a heart attack with or without pain. Nevertheless there can be pain in other part of the body like shoulders, arms, jaw, neck and back.

Types of Angina
There are basically three types of angina which are listed below:
• Stable angina
It is the discomfort of the chest associated with minimal or no existence symptoms at rest.
• Unstable angina
This is an acute problem of coronary symptom that can change
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• Nausea
• Breathing problems

Home Remedies for Angina using natural products
• Natural products like Indian gooseberry, honey, lemon, garlic. Grapes, castor oil are all beneficial for angina.

Home Remedies for Angina using Indian gooseberry and honey
• Indian gooseberry also known as amla is one of the natural source for vitamin C. it can be taken in any form like fresh juice or dried. You can add to food items and enhance the flavor. Amla is used in medicinal preparation because of its medicinal values.
• Honey is another good remedy. You can prepare a solution by adding a teaspoon of honey in warm water and squeezing a half piece of lemon. This should be taken in empty stomach and during the early hours of the day.

Home Remedies for Angina using garlic and parsley
• Another popular ingredient is garlic that is extensively used in various food varieties. You can always add garlic to fresh salads as it most effective way of retaining its medicinal properties. Regular intake of garlic reduces the chances of getting many heart disorders.
• Parsley is another alternate to treat angina. It can be taken in the form of fresh leaves and also in the dried form. The dried parsley can be used in tea that gives a fresh aroma and taste.

Home Remedies for Angina using grapes, apple and lemon
• One of the traditional remedy for heart ailments used grapes for curing angina.
• Apple is also used in curing many heart
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