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Menopause is a permanent stop of menstruation as it ceases ovulation. It signals the end of the fertility phase in a woman and usually happens in midlife. It is not an illness but a biological natural process. The hormonal level fluctuate for many years and eventually become low that the endometrium that is the uterine lining stops bleeding. The production of the hormones like estrogen by the ovaries becomes less during menopause. The estrogen is an important reproductive hormone that also helps in other functions like heart, liver, bone formation, breast and also bladder function. This hormone also keeps the skin healthy and moist. The average age for a natural menopause is 51 years. However it can occur much earlier or later. Some …show more content…
• Aches and pains
There is an increase in frequency of a number of aches like headaches, joint and back pains, neck aches

• Bladder problems
There may be bladder infection, low bladder capacity and frequent urination. All this arises because of lack of estrogen level in the body.
• Skin problems
The skin becomes dry, aging, thinner, irritation and wrinkles may occur.
• Loss of breast fullness
• Irregularity periods
• Sleep disturbances
• Thinning hair
• Increased abdominal fat
• Aches and pains

During menopause many of the discomforts and symptoms can be relieved by following some natural home remedies for menopause.

Home Remedies for Menopause by having a well balanced diet
• The estrogen levels can be increased by including food items which are rich in estrogen like soybeans, soy sprouts, alfalfa, garlic, green beans, sesame seeds, wheat, yams, pumpkin seeds, cucumbers, apples, corn, cabbage, beets, olive oil, papaya, oats, peas, sunflower seeds are all vital sources of estrogens.
• One of the important home remedies for menopause is drinking beet juice for three times a day. This is an effective remedy.
• Take 2 grams of Indian spikenard in small doses for the different complication that arises from menopause.
Home Remedies for Menopause using almond oil and olive oil
• Mix almond oil and geranium oil in equal amounts and apply around the vagina for the vagina dryness. Apart
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