Home School Has Become a Popular Way of Education

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So many reasons why parents choose to home school their children. Even though it has been said that the drop-out rate is higher than in public schools, it has been proven by the NHERI (National Home Education Research Institute) that home schooled children have a higher success rate for college education. NHERI conducts, collects and provides research on homeschooling and publishes the information in the Home School Researcher Journal. Home schooling has become very popular and some people believe that it provides a better education. So many successful alumni’s that have done amazing accomplishments have been home schooled. There is Thomas Edison he is responsible for carbon, telephone and batteries. He started home-schooling at the…show more content…
Although some research shows that home schooled children have higher levels of self esteem and are friendlier than those who attend public schools, I honestly believe that the outcome of home schooled children falls on the parent’s decisions throughout the child’s home schooling career. If the parent chooses proper extracurricular activities and has their children attend social events, then it can affect the child in positive ways. Whereas if the parent chooses not to have their child participate in social activities, then it can negatively affect the child’s social levels and self esteem levels.
Bullying has become such a huge, debatable issue within the public school system. This has become one of the main reasons why parents have decided to home school their children. There is virtually no fighting or bullying that go along with home schooling. However, this does not mean that home schooled children do not have to face bullying or fighting in their entire schooling career. There are children that bully other children that are being home schooled or public schooled children even though there is monitoring by the parents. Unfortunately there are opportunities within the sport teams and social events that require children to go through, and deal with bullying and fighting. Another huge reason why
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