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This research paper analyzes data from case studies and peer reviewed articles to examine, whether home schoolers who are educated away from the public school are able attain the expected higher academic standards comparable to public school students (PSS). Additionally, socialization, which has plagued homeschoolers will be considered to be a part of this research., Subsequently, the search for answers about the homeschooling success had becomebecame more difficult, due to the abundance of misrepresented information and public opinions. Historically, Finally, those who have a basic knowledge of the homeschooling community, developed their assumptions based on limited exposure with parents who homeschooled. Unfortunately, parents who…show more content…
Haven’t parents for the most part acted in the best interest of their children? Collectively, the best interest of all parents is to have their children become successful in life, and parents would take whatever steps necessary to ensure they are capable of developing socialization and interpersonal skills, in order to relate with members of their community. The opinion that homeschoolers are uncivilized and incapable to socialize is a prevalent idea even in the 21st Century. According to Moore, S. and Moore, M. (1990) the mention of reviewing literature about homeschoolers, generates strong opposition from college students citing “shyness” and “unsociable ” traits as reasons why not to study the material (p. 62, para. 3). Subsequently, with the advent of the internet and cellphones, many gaps are being bridged, and the socialization argument is becoming a non-issue for homeschoolers. Yet many still believe homeschoolers are incapable of living in the “real world”. Defining the “Real World” There are many definitions for the term “real world”. Consequently, to the homeschooling parent, the real world starts when they give birth at conception, all the way until they reach the lawful age of 18. As a result, parents have structured their curriculum up to the 12th grade level. The “real world” has various meanings, and to the homeschooling community, there are many factors which come into play (Ray, 2004, p. 5). Ray asserts

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