Home School Vs. Public School

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Tommy Dimitratos
Professor Dolnick
English 102
20 July 2015
Home School vs. Public School
School traditions in the United States are changing rapidly and nowadays many parents consider home education to be a more suitable option for their children. Though homeschooling was not popular in previous decades, it is now winning supporters back. Society gives attention to the problem of necessity of home school education.
Many parents question what is best for their child’s education. Though supporters of each side usually insist on obvious advantages of their chosen side, each opinion has its own pros and cons that should not be ignored. Usually, opinion on the matter differs because different factors are to be examined in order to make a choice between homeschooling and traditional public school education.
It has been stated that “most people accept the modern American educational system, however, compulsory education is a relatively new phenomenon, having originated some 150 years ago. Though this is the most widespread form of education nowadays, it did not manage to remove the support for homeschooling” (Aasen 2). During 1970’s, several protests arranged willing to bring homeschooling back. By the end of the 1980’s, homeschooling became legal in several American states. This gave the population a chance to try it and indicate the advantages and disadvantages.
Susie Aasen also states that “as for 2007, 1.5 million children were educated at home”. Today, almost two million…

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