Home Schooling Education

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Homeschooling is an option for families living in isolated rural locations, living temporarily abroad, or families who travel often. This method of education is growing around the world. Homeschools use different educational methods such as: Unit Studies, All-in-One Curricula, Natural Learning, and Autonomous Learning. In the Unit Studies method multiple subjects are studied in relation to a single topic. The All-in-One Curricula is another method in which the curriculum and homework of the student are similar or identical to the curriculum at a public or private school. Natural Learning is a method where children follow knowledge based on their interest and the parents take part in their learning activities. In the Autonomous Learning method, the child is responsible for their own learning environment. Parents give different reasons for choosing to homeschool their children. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the three reasons parents chose homeschooling were: their concern about the school environment, to provide religious or moral instruction, and unhappiness with the curriculum available at other schools (Gaither 1). Homeschooling happened because of the changes in public school and in families. Public schools grew larger and the schools began to add offensive courses to their curriculum. Milton Gaither states,…
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