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Home-Schooling At least once in a child’s lifetime they wish that they were home-schooled instead of attending a public school. Imagine how nice it would be to have school right in your own home. It was stated that in the year 2001, over two million children were home- schooled in the United States (#1 Home Schooling Information and Software, 2003). This number continues to increase each year. Some believe home-schooling gives a child more attention and ensures a more intimate and personal environment which may in turn lead to a better education. Others, however, believe those who are home schooled will have trouble with social interactions. Home- schooling has both many benefits and drawbacks which will be addressed in this…show more content…
Home-schooling allows for more individual and/or personalized attention for the students. It allows them to make and maintain focus on the work presented by the parent. The parents who decide to home-school find that it is easier to help their child with weaknesses in subject matter and watch their progression in understanding difficult concepts. There are many web sites designated for parents with intentions to home-school. They provide daily information and lessons that are designed to help children with their studies. Obtaining materials is also fairly simple, and schools are more than willing to provide parents with used books and sample materials that are used in the classrooms. With such advantages why would parents not choose to home-school their children? One of the major aspects of public education is that is it paid for out of one’s taxes. Whether or not children choose to attend public school, parents are still paying for it in their taxes. It is estimated that to home school a child costs about $250 a year (Minority Home-schoolers of Texas, 2001). This can get quite costly depending on the amount of children one has. In addition, there are fees for membership dues and purchasing such materials as packaged curriculums, textbooks, etc. Extracurricular activities that the children participate in are also proven costly. Unlike in a school where much of the equipment is provided,

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