Home Schooling : The New Way

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Home Schooling: The New Way Home schooling children seems to be taking the place of the traditional classroom, and for many reasons. Statistically, there are about 2.78% of children in the United States being home schooled. California having the highest rates at 193,144 in the year of 2015, and Connecticut having the lowest rates at 1,792. (Zeise 1) Children seem to enjoy the aspect of staying at home while getting their education, but are they seeing the big picture? Three major developments that cause a parent to home school their child could be nonprofessional educators, educational purposes, and bullying. As our world expands and grows, there is also a growing number of people that tend to take advantages of situations. This is not limited to the classroom either. In the news, there are plenty of cases of educators concentrating more on their personal life rather than teaching the children. This ongoing epidemic of abuse can and usually does include taking advantage of a student, either mentally, physically, and/or sexually. Teachers that have a narcissist behavioral implement tend to see things that aren’t really there, such as advances that are made from a student and taking them further than they should go. This is because they have an inflated sense of self-importance, and feel that the student needs them more than they do in reality. Normal behavioral temperaments would see the problem and identify it before it got out of hand. In order to eliminate this type of
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