Home Schooling vs. Public Schools

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Public Schools Not so long ago, home-schooling was something that most people had not even considered as a schooling option. In 1969, Raymond Moore and John Holt laid the groundwork for one of the greatest educational movements of our time. Since that time, the option of home schooling has expanded. The three different views about education are those people who believe that home schooling is the best form of education; those people who believe that public school is the best form of education; and those people who believe that private school provide the best education. Those who view that home-schooling is the best option believe they can teach their children, using home examples and guiding their children through their beliefs to impart a deeper appreciation and understanding of the education and information that is presented. Susanne Allen, 35, a home-schooling mother from Atlanta, claims that being schooled at home will make her children “better citizens” because home schooling gives children the opportunity to work together rather than working individually. Allen said, “They learn to be caring for other people by seeing older siblings care for them” (Cloud par.16). Home-Schooling test scores are typically higher than public or private schools. Some believe that home-schooling is the best option because public schools breed behavioral problems. Those who choose home-schooling believe that the pros outweigh the cons. One of the traditional…
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