Home Schools V.S. Public Schools Essay

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Home Schools V.S. Public Schools

How would your life be different if you were home schooled? Perhaps you were. If not though, do you think that you would be on the same academic path that you are on now? In the case of Evenstar Perez, it made her life very different. Evenstar started out going to a public school from first grade through fifth, but it wasn’t until she entered into sixth grade that she began to be home schooled. Evenstar mentioned, “At first the transition was difficult because I was so used to the public schools system of doing things, but later I became better adapted.” When asked what advantages she felt she gained from her home school experience, Evenstar replied, “A lot.” She then went on to explain how she
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Students who are home schooled get better individual attention, academic freedom, and in return, get a better education than students who attend public schools.

Cremin mentioned that home schools were the original method used to educate young students and, in fact, during colonial times, it was the leading structure of education (qtd. in Cai 1). Public schools that later developed ended up depleting the number of home schooled students due to the better financial accommodations, however, recently the number of home school students has been increasing by 10% more students each year (Cai 1). According to Cizek, the amount of home school educators who are conservative constitute for 75% of the home school educators population, and the other 25% of home school educators are liberal in their ideas and can often include such sects as atheists and libertarians (qtd. in Cai 2).

There are many different ways to incorporate an education into a home schooled environment. For example, there is a method of teaching at home called the ‘school at home’ technique, which is where the educator sets up the setting at home to be just like that of a public school where the curriculum can consist of all sorts of activities, such as, on-line course work, a curriculum that comes packaged, and even a time schedule to keep the student moving along at a steady pace (Cai 2). There is also a method called ‘unlearning’ where
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