Home Sweet Home Now Analysis

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Home Sweet Home? “Rebecca and I saw the crowd through sleep-deprived, exhilarated eyes. We had dreamed up the idea of this exhibit a year and a half before it opened, and had been working on it day and night, with the help of a few devoted friends, for many intense weeks.” Author, Arwen Donahue writes, in her book, This is Home Now. In this novel, she explores the current lives of Holocaust survivors that call Kentucky their homes. To begin her introduction, she takes us back to when she opens her exhibit to the public, and how powerful it was to all of the attendees. She claims that these Holocaust survivors call Kentucky their home, but does not give any evidence to indicate that they have planted roots or have embraced their communities. While this is a fairly well-written book, based off of the introduction, I find there to be a few things that do not…show more content…
However, that is all she says about denial. Having the word ‘denial’ in the title gives the reader the impression that a good portion of the section will be about denial in Kentucky, and how there is lots of it. However, she does not. She also includes “Kentucky’s survivors” in the title as well, but this whole book is about the survivors living in Kentucky, so why restate it? One of the most fascinating stories to me, is the one of Mr. Perlman, on page 9. From Donahue’s explanation, it sounds like he was interested in helping at first, which lasted several years. However, his views on the project dramatically changed, almost as if something had happened to him. Donahue did not push the subject, but intriguingly, decided to still include his contributions towards the subject and their peculiar meeting. After the story of Mr. Perlman, she included Mr. Goldfarb’s light-hearted tales from when he visited schools, which seemed out of
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