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Unit 6 Assignment MT140 Introduction to Management Matthew Guccione Prof. Suzanne Ness In the case of Dalman and Lei discrepancy of the time sheet this can be resolved by using none other than a control system called bureaucratic control system. First to implement this system they must first understand what this system means. It is designed to measure progress toward a set goal and to apply corrective measures to ensure this goal is met. In other words control system is to detect and fix certain variables and discrepancies turning into results of the ultimate goal. This process is broken down into four parts. Setting a performance standards, Measuring performance, comparing performance again the standards…show more content…
Now comes Step 3 which is comparing performance with the standard. This step Dalman and Lei have their weekly results from their new system they implemented and compare it with the goals they set. They can see the good and bad results that came out of the system. Also participants can identify successful actions to recommend in the future and avoid the mistakes next time around. For example, let's say a employee had another employee clock in for each other and they didn't go to the desk in work. The only way they can prove that it was indeed another employee clocking in would be a camera of some sort. The best place that a camera would be where the employees clock in. This is one of many examples that Dalman and Lei can compare the performance with the standard they put in stone. This comes to the last step of the system and that is taking action to correct the problems and reinforce the successful ones. The selection of the corrective action depends on the nature of the problem. If the problem was the system not recording the clocking in of the employees, than the corrective action would be to call in a specialist control and help figure out the problem with the system. Dalman and Lei need to keep the successful standard and throw the non successful ones to the corrective action. To ensure that the discrepancy doesn't appear or accrue
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