Home by Toni Morrison

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1. The title of the book is called Home written by Toni Morrison. 2. Home is about a Korean War veteran named Frank Money who needs to save his sister from dying. The story starts with Frank describing a scene from his childhood with his sister. They were in a field with horses he describes the horses being beautiful and brutal, but on the other side some men were burying a dead African American in a hole. When Frank becomes an adult he is soon committed to a mental hospital after his time in the war. Frank soon gets a letter stating that his sister was in danger and could die if he did not hurry to save her. Then he remembers his family being evicted and not being able to take any possessions. Frank then escapes the bastion of the…show more content…
One of the first minor characters that reader encounters is Reverend John Locke. He helps ply a major role by offering Frank supplies and shelter for a while before he left to continue his search. Some other important minor characters include the group of Good Samaritans that also help Frank on his travels by offering money and supplies. These minor characters help prelude to the theme of good versus evil because while Frank was in the army he was not too proud of what he did and seeing these people help him reminds him of what he did. 7. The setting help establish a theme by being part of the theme itself or being reference to it. In Home the plains with the crops were a beautiful place with majestic creatures running around but is turned brutal when the horses in the field start to fight each other. Also the place was nice and calm then Frank and his sister see some men drop a dead man in a hole and didn’t even care about him and covered in in dirt. Different settings can help display many different themes, some more than just one theme. 8. The primary theme in Home is that of good versus evil within man. Also how man react to different situations that involve good and evil choices. There are many different examples within the text that talk about the good and evil choices of man. The time period that this novel takes place is very racist because African Americans haven’t learn the civil rights that they have today. Many examples of racist and evil acts
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