Home health care vs Nursing homes

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NURSING HOME VS. HOME HEALTH CARE DOMONIQUE JACKSON COM/170 ELEMENTS OF UNIVERSITY OCTOBER 6, 2014 DEAN DOWLING Running head: NURSING HOME VS HOME HEALTH CARE 1 NURSING HOME VS HOME HEALTH CARE 3 Nursing Home vs. Home Health Care INTRODUCTION Either young or old, we love our family members dearly, and disabilities does not focus on a specific age group. We would love to feel assured that they are being taken care of the best way possible. As we all know, time does not allow us to take care of them ourselves, with business to tend to of our own, it makes it almost impossible. There are a few options to assist with this matter, but making the best choice is always in our best of interests. NURSING HOMES Nursing homes are …show more content…

Who wouldn 't want their relatives to be cared for within the comforts of their own home? This specific kind of care will allow the guardian to feel more at ease. Even the LPN (licensed practical nurse), and RN (registered Nurse) make home visits as well. In this option, they are also assisted with activities of daily living. The one on one attention is the only attention your loved one will receive and is a repeated occurrence versus that of a nursing home. Vitals signs are also checked in this method of care. Another positive factor in this method is that there is a high possibility that the aide can develop a great relationship with the patient, which will allow the patient to feel more comfortable. The personal relationship can benefit the patient and the patient 's family greatly. This can also help the aide to pin point any improvements and odd changes in the patient 's health. Being that they are in a well-known environment, they are more likely to do for themselves more, rather than depending on the assistant they will be provided at a nursing home. Medical literatures has identified that a family member that is allowed to be cared for in the comfort of a familiar environment is less likely to become depressed. The one on one attention will guarantee the

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