Homebased Work Experience Analysis

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After more than 25 hours of doing unpaid homebased work experience, I acknowledged a lot of new interesting aspects in parenting and care giving, which I had not noticed before.

I carried out my vocational learning at home. Therefore, my everyday tasks included chores such as cooking, cleaning, doing the washing and looking after the pet. The experience was much more tiring than I expected. To be more specific, cleaning my bedroom was the most difficult task as there were so many things that needed to be sorted out, which made me not only physically but also mentally exhausted. Moreover, the activity that I supposed to be my favourite, which was cooking, also challenged me a lot. Having my mother and my homestay prepare me meals everyday made me underestimate the amount of work cooking
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Firstly, I was more physically active, which was the most noticeable benefit of this experience. Doing housework prevented me from wasting my time being with technologies. Secondly, after acknowledging the tiredness of cleaning, I formed the habit of keeping the house as clean as possible whenever I did something. For example, I sorted out all the spices in the pantry and returned them to the same position after every use. Furthermore, I also started cleaning my room every week to avoid creating a big mess gradually, which would require a whole day to clear up. From these changes, it could be concluded that this work experience made me more organised, careful and take care of myself better. Finally, the task that I enjoyed the most was cooking, which benefited my mental health a lot. To be more specific, I did experiment with many recipes that I had not tried before. The harder the recipes were, the more satisfied I felt when I tasted them. In other words, cooking was very rewarding and it became one of my hobbies, allowing me less time for technology
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