Homecoming: Fraternities and Sororities and Tissue Paper

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Shannon Gray 11-28-11 Essay 4 Pomped Up for Homecoming The long nights of folding colored paper into meticulous shapes over and over again until your fingers are raw and bleeding. The even longer nights of unfolding the paper, fluffing it up and sticking it into chicken wire. This is called pomping, or also known as placing squares of colored tissue paper to boards. It is also a way to decorate plywood boards that are just a small part of a larger float. Chicken wire, lots of colored plastic sheets and power saws litter the basements and backyards of sorority and fraternity houses all over campus throughout the months leading up to Homecoming week. Pomping is a thorough task which every new sorority member is required to participate in…show more content…
Spirit night is a night where talented young men and women represent their fraternity or sorority and individually perform their talents. The parade is the last event where all of our long hours of pomping pay off and our float is seen by the public and then judged. After working for close to two months, the builders of the floats won't be worried about what materials were used; they'll just be glad that they won't have to look at small squares of tissue paper again until next year's homecoming. Despite the challenges of constructing the floats and collaborating with other groups, I believe pomping, and homecoming as a whole, is an important part of both Greek life and student life at Florida State University. Along with working hard it also brings great bonding time and friendships that will last a life

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