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Homecoming Queen is the third installment of the Carter House girl series and a major developing point in the series. As a result, the book contained many key moments or events that all led up to the end of this story and set up the next one, therefore causing me to write an extra-long summary. The story follows main character DJ and the rest of the Carter House girls. Previously, in Stealing Bradford, Taylor disappeared at the end of the story. Taylor’s disappearing act followed a Myspace incident involving scandalous pictures of her, leaked by an unknown person. Homecoming Queen begins with Taylor returning home after the police and townspeople, including the girls have worried about and searched for her for weeks.
Upon her return, Taylor
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She is Grandmothers favorite because of her modeling ability and beauty. This frustrates some of the girls because they know she drinks, smokes, and parties all the time, which Grandmother despises. Taylor is DJ’s current roommate and while she is rude to DJ, she is generally trustworthy, and we see their friendship grow in this book.
Rhiannon’s strongest feature is that she is a devout Christian. She converts DJ to Christianity in the first story Mixed Bags. She is known to always be helpful to anyone, including Taylor, whom she has purpose to hate. She helps DJ get by physically and emotionally, and she helps set up the intervention for Casey. Rhiannon also introduces Haley into the story and paves the way for DJ’s drama with her.
Casey was best known from the previous stories for her gothic look. Although the girls convinced her to style up a bit in Stealing Bradford, Casey keeps her hair black and cut very short much to Grandmothers dismay. A quiet girl, Casey likes to keep to herself, although she enjoys playing sports. We learn that Casey has had previous issues with substance abuse and she relapses in this story. Fortunately, some of the girls show her some tough love and get her turned in the right
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Conner and DJ had been together for a while, but he shows his true colors when his lost love Haley moves back to town. He assures DJ there’s nothing to worry about, but in reality, he hadn’t yet figured out what he wanted. In a shocking move, Conner goes behind DJ’s back and kisses Haley after a football game, thus ending his relationship with DJ.
Caleb Bennett is a lifeguard at the pool DJ swims at to help smooth out her rehab. He is very sweet to her from the beginning as he helps her in and out of the pool and takes an interest in her recovery. DJ voices her worries about finding an escort to Homecoming after her break up with Conner and Caleb says he would be more than happy to escort her. As it is with Madison and Haley, Caleb is another new character that is certain to play a major part in the next story.
Overall, this was a good book to read. DJ’s struggle with her injury as an athlete is relatable to myself. If I were to suffer an injury I would also feel miserable. Her determination to stay positive during a difficult time was an inspiration to read. I would recommend this book to teenagers or young adults. The reason I would recommend it to them is because I believe that they are the most relatable to The Carter House
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