Homeland Police Capabilities

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Capabilities After the horrific attacks of 9/11, the U.S. Government created the Department of Homeland Security, which then created over 220 different organizations and agencies to combat terrorism and collect intelligence. These agencies and organizations receive orders and directions from the National Intelligence Agency, and employees over 850,000 government employees with an approximate annual budget of $100 million. With a large annual budget and multiple employees working domestically and with foreign policy, the intelligence function has changed dramatically over the last decade and a half. Foreign governments have scrutinized the National Intelligence (NI) community for monitoring foreign militaries, and their government’s intentions…show more content…
Members of the ACLU have declared that the acts of terrorists are infringing citizen’s rights. However, with the FBI using undercover personnel in intelligent operations has and continues to be very successful. For homeland security to be effective, the intelligence capability will require the integration of all state and local law enforcement agencies throughout the entire homeland security enterprise. These law enforcement officers are the Nation’s first preventers and the eyes and ears in the intelligence process. Homeland security intelligence is getting accurate and timely information from are officers in our hometowns, this is so critical in preventing further attacks against America. The public can provide valuable information to these officers when it comes to fighting and preventing terrorism. Never less the community and law enforcement, rely heavily on each other for information and necessary intelligence analysis. When it comes to data analysis, the officers use intelligence-led policing (ILP) when combating terrorism. Using the ILP process allows agents to gather precise and critical information from citizens on the actions of suspected personnel; this also shows the community that state and local law enforcement are trying to protect
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