Homeland Security And Defense Security

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By breaking down the two key words, security and defense, you find how each of these items are married together. Security and defense are to very similar words, one you are securing a given item and the other you are defending. So, wouldn’t you think that homeland defense and homeland security would be the same? You would, but they are not. Homeland defense is the of its self is the infrastructure used to defend us against any sort of external threat. Whereas Homeland Security is the strategy that is used with to combat these sort of things. It goes without saying that the primary mission of homeland security and defense, is to protect the citizens of the United States of America. Within the mission is the tasks, and each individual department has its own specific task. Now, with the specific task comes specific duties, responsibilities, and operations. From personal experience, most operations of within the homeland security/defense real are in some way, shape, or form joint operations. Now each individual knows their specific tasks, duty, and responsibility. Take for example the current situation in New York City and Elizabeth, New Jersey, you have on the ground investigating, the local law enforcement agencies, the ATF, the FBI, and Homeland Security agents. Each agency has their own job and their own input on what needs to be done while on scene. Here is simple breakdown of those task, the local law enforcement agents are first own the scene. They are going to…
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