Homeland Security And Homeland Defense

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Homeland security/Homeland Defense is something that we as Americans needed to have established to keep us safe from enemies foreign and domestic. The homeland security came into the light after the horrible attacks that happened here in the United states on September 11th 2001, when the world trade centers were viciously attacked by terrorist that hijacked planes. These attacks not only made the US government establish a type of security that we needed, it made it establish a type of program that is impenetrable from the most attacks. In this midterm paper you will understand the difference between Homeland Security and Homeland Defense, what their rolls and mission are and how they work together to get the overall goal completed. The definition of homeland security is, the preparation for, prevention of, deterrence of, preemption of, defense against, and response to threats and aggression directed towards US territory, sovereignty, domestic population, and infrastructure; as well as crisis management, consequence management, and other domestic civil support (Jim East, 2002). In the Department of homeland defense their definition is: the protection of US territory, sovereignty, domestic population and critical infrastructure against external threats and aggression. HLD has three environments; land, air and sea. These definitions written by Jim East of the Center for Naval Analysis is written this way because there really is no true definition of Homeland Security, so
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