Homeland Security And Law Enforcement Integrated

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Homeland Security and Law Enforcement Integrated The purpose of this paper is to define and give as much detail information about Homeland Security in the United States and law enforcement and how they are integrated. I hope after reading this paper you will be well informed on the duties and responsibilities of these agencies. People have always lived in fear but with the help of these agencies we will no longer have to live in fear. I will try to give as much detail information as possible to help with any problems or situation that might come up. Homeland Security in the United States and law enforcement have extensive research skills and knowledge in serving and protecting citizens and other important groups and agencies. Homeland…show more content…
Law enforcement officers handle violence, criminal behavior, serving communities, patrolling high crime areas and helping citizen to feel safe in their homes. Domestic violence has force officers to investigate patterns of abusive behavior in sexual situation and domestic violence within homes. Some cultures believe domestic violence to be a natural occurrence and this make it hard for officers to solve and prevent domestic violence. Companies have used local law enforcement to aid them in cases where working involves in these situations at work and there’s a need for police intervention when necessary. I think women are the mostly affected by domestic violence and there’s a need to protect them. In the police department today there are domestic polices to help protect people in violent situations. Police Department conducts background checks and they search for anyone involved in domestic violence, abuse to a child, neglect of a minor and any other possible past or existing court cases that could be related to these incidents. The two things for all officers to do are to protect and serve the people. The combination of these agencies gives our nation a good feeling of what freedom is all about. Since they work hand and hand training has to be at the top of their list to improve their skills with good intelligence and proper monitoring systems. Both of these agencies collect and analyze data to be able to infiltrate groups to take
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