Homeland Security Proposal

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To: The Department of Homeland Security
From: Steven Quinn
Date: November 13, 2017
Re: Proposal for DHS NCPS: “Einstein”, on white paper

This paper is to recommend that the Department of Homeland Security’s National Cybersecurity Protection System be fully implemented into all civilian and government systems without predetermined search criteria, or “signatures”.
As technology advances across the globe, the potential for new types of threats arise. The DHS realized that since 1997, cyber-based attacks on federal systems have continued to increase at an alarming rate. This threatens our countries national security because cyber-based attacks are ever expanding and have continued to be one-step ahead of the DHS, until 2003.
In 2003, the DHS created the first NCPS: Einstein. Since its application, the DHS has been working tirelessly to improve its functions. The current model, Einstein 3 Accelerated (E3A), currently provides the DHS with the ability to detect malicious traffic crossing federal agencies’ computer networks, prevents intrusions, and supports data analytics and information sharing.
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Today’s NCPS leaves the DHS at risk of inadvertently allowing potentially malicious material into federal computer networks. Currently, The NCPS operates by comparing known patterns of malicious data, “signatures”, to current network traffic. The DHS uses these signatures to filter through copious amounts of network traffic and automatically locate potential cyber threats entering federal computer networks. This information is than sent to DHS analysts who effectively neutralize this information while noting its defining characteristics, for the pursuit of future
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