Homeland Security Pros And Cons

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Security, however you may think of it the measures we take for it can never enough. It's like insurance you have it not because you want something to happen but because you know that things do happen. That is the United States Border Patrol and Customs they are our first line of defense to the war on drugs and the war on terrorism, for that they have the illegal immigration policy and the pros and cons (www.kyma.com/news/securing-america/646148044.). After decades of just being a category of police but finally they became part of the homeland security on november, 25, 2005, homeland security was created to help prevent such acts as 9/11, or the attack on the oklahoma city bombing, from happening from another country. The united states border patrol was created to help stop the drug trafficking and weapon trafficking into the united states. The department of homeland security helps protect the people of the united states (www.kyma.com/news/securing-america/646148044.). The Department of Customs and Border Patrol has control over almost all of the illegal immigration policy (IIP) in the united states although the Coast Guard and a few other agencies have control over their own type of illegal immigration policy. According to cbp.gov, “ Since its inception in 1924, the U.S. Border Patrol has had a proud history of service to our nation.” Although more and more people cross or attempt to cross the border the U.S Border Patrol tries to make an effort to stop and
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