Homeland Security: The Fight Against Cyber Terrorism

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Many people know that curiosity killed the cat, for hacker’s curiosity is deep in their roots. It started with the word hack. “Hack” was used as a term witch is to improve performance of programs. Pagllery stated that “Hacking became the art of figuring out unique solutions.” and that “hackers wanted to make technology work better….” In the 1970s hackers used a whistle tone for free international phone calls. In the 1980s, instead of teenage hacking the phone network system, hackers began to attack computers for money and espionage (Pagllery). This brings in the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) to combat terrorism, but later to also combat the growing cyberterrorism. The DHS was created after the 2001 terrorist attack on the world trade…show more content…
DHS is stepping up against cyber terrorism and how the DHS concern over the “lack of tool” to take down cyber terrorism. Cyber terrorist can attack from anywhere, or be anyone and can attack by “…manipulating values at a natural gas refinery, a domestic agitator shutting down a government website or a strike at the national electric grid by a power” (Pappalardo 27). This is why the DHS created the HSARPA, to “create tools and methods to measure the security networks, tighten controls over wireless network and enhance post-attack forensics” (Pappalardo 27). In 2000, the U.S. officials discovered that someone was getting into the computer systems for two years. The dial-up connections was near Moscow, but tracing the signal did not work. The DHS took this split post-attack forensics into two categories: Internet provider trace back, finds the computers being use and attack trace back, finds the master…show more content…
takes steps to combat cyberterrorism “All FBI special agents are receiving cyber-training, and specialists in the area will receive the best possible training, Mueller [FBI Director] promised” (Rashid). Next, The FBI Director moves on about arresting the group that made a malware which changes the DNS (Domain Name System) and slows down the owner’s computer (Rashid). Cyberattacks like this caused one million computers to be damaged with that malware. The FBI has taken the right steps against cyber-crimes and cyber espionage. This can be done by simply getting the right qualified people in other U.S. government agencies'. Cyberespionage is one of the reasons why cyber-attacks from terrorist happed, usably for political reasoning, or for
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