Homeland and Corporate Security

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The protection and preservation of artifacts of historic purposes and value have been a concerned of the government and the people to learn about the past to help understand the future. To carry out this need the museum was created as a place built to have high valuable artifacts in one secured convent place. Eventually these high valuable artifacts will become high valuable targets. This would result in a security system to prevent and protect these artifacts. Museum security is an important form of security because they have to be able to protect and care for many historic items which a majority of them are priceless. Their job is pretty simple being a security guard. They have to protect the contents inside of the museum including paintings, sculptures, artifacts, the employees, and especially to protect the people who travel and visit the museum. They also are responsible for keeping a stock of all items in the museum as well as the items going in and out of the museum. Museum security’s main goal is to be able let the people experience history closer while making sure they remain a reasonable distance away from the piece of work so that it remains safe. While this is their main goal they have to also maintain the status of protection, safety, preservation, and prevention to ensure a stable security network. Over time the value of the contents of the museum has changed which means security within the building would also have to change. With time technology has
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