Homeless And Have Hiv / Aids

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To be Homeless and have HIV/AIDS in Baltimore

The problem of homelessness in American has gone pretty much unsolved since the turn of the 20th century or at least since the Great Depression and lately it seems that homelessness has become a desperate cycle often repeated for some who fail to make their way back from losing everything. This is especially true, this 21st century cycle of struggling to get back on one’s feet and then getting knocked down again before gaining any permanence, of those with special needs and conditions accompanying their homelessness like alcohol and substance abuse, a criminal record, a mental disorder or physical or learning disability – and being HIV positive. While homelessness overall remains a major challenge in Baltimore City and cities across the US, much has been done over the last couple decades to address these special needs populations – housing those infected with HIV/AIDS having been a major challenge mostly overcome.

Despite that our country and its leaders were woefully slow to acknowledge the seriousness of the AIDS epidemic and take immediate steps when it was discovered last century, non-governmental agencies and federal and state programs and policies along with grassroots organizing has made a huge difference for those seeking shelter but carrying “extra baggage” as it might be politely and lovingly called. Dealing with the homeless among the HIV/AIDS population has been challenging and Baltimore City has had its share of…

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