Homeless And Mentally Ill Offenders

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Since the closure of the asylum’s doors, the prison compound has become the home to mentally ill offenders. They receive help by getting treated, but others, are abused further inside the prison’s walls. Each year, the number of inmates diagnosed increases, but also the ones who get arrested already mentally ill. The public shies away from them, but they also think they should be treated in a hospital, not in a prison. While there are many cases out there, that have either made a significant difference to their treatment, or just a little nudge to change, the numbers do not drop. The inmates who got the disease before being arrested was most probably because of lack of care by family members. Study shows that overall, there are 500,000 homeless cases in the 2014. Just alone in Texas, the change in homeless in minus three percent, which means it is steadily increasing, and people who need help are not being attended. Then they have a confrontation with the law, for either the possession of illegal substances, public disturbances, or more elicit crimes. Once in custody, they are assessed to find the exact procedures the inmate may need. They are even housed within the facility with alike cases to prevent them from being harmed. Cases that include but are not limited to is, retardation, organic brain syndrome, and more serious mental illnesses like psychosis, schizophrenia, bipolar disorders and major depression. Many of the mental diseases do not cause violent reaction,
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