Homeless Child Video Analysis

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Today, many families are homeless. According to Couchenour and Chrisman (2011), “The average homeless family includes two or three children under age five” (p. 136). Being homeless, means the family does not have a safe and permanent place to stay. This article mainly focuses on homeless children and the ways schools and teachers can help them.
This article focuses on the increasing number of homeless children in the United States and how teachers should carefully deal with this situation. At the beginning, the article gives a brief example of a homeless student who must go to school earlier than the rest of the students in order to use the showers in the locker room. Due to his school’s homeless education program, which provides him new clothes, it is hard for the staff and other students to tell that he is homeless. Then, the article defines the word homeless. Homeless means that children do
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The story about the student who had to take a shower in the locker rooms, in the article, reminded me of the girl in the video who said that she needed to clean herself and brush her teeth in the bathroom at Walmart. The article explained that homeless children are embarrassed about their situations and do not ask for help. This part of the article reminded me of the part in the video were the girl explained that she didn’t want her father to ask for help on the streets nor tell her friend about her homelessness because she was embarrassed. Furthermore, this article reminded me of our class discussion on homeless families. In class, we discussed that higher costs in housing are causing an increase in homeless families. This article also explains that unaffordable housing is at fault, however, it adds that an increase in single parents has affected the amount of homeless families because many single parents do not earn enough to pay rent in an apartment or
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