Homeless Ethics Paper

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Jessica Faulter
Instructor Bazer
3 September 2013
The Homeless Perception and Reality I come from a fairly large city in California so I’ve been around many homeless people throughout my life. I’ve had good and bad experiences when it comes to being around them and dealing with them. My initial view of the homeless is that they are somewhat lazy and that a lot of them are on drugs. I feel this way because I’ve seen and dealt with so many sick, obnoxious people on the streets aggressively asking for money. I always think to myself, if I were in that situation I would find a way. There are so many resources that help people get back on their feet. Instead of begging on the streets, I would go get help. Instead of asking
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Many companies, some of which people have been employed with for years have to make cuts sometimes to save money with the changing economy. Some people get hurt at work, in car accidents, etc. and can no longer work. Some people have mental illnesses that keep them from ever holding a steady job. There are also those who have just had a hard life, whether it is a bad family growing up or an unfortunate tragedy that has happened to them. This can happen anywhere in the world. From the readings, I learned that Europeans are more compassionate toward the homeless than Americans, which I found really sad. No matter what the circumstances are, these people are living such a poor quality of life and it’s devastating. It’s true that most people don’t even acknowledge their existence while passing them by. It’s like they’re not even there to most people because they don’t know how to accept that people actually have to live this way. My views on the homeless have changed. Not dramatically because I already felt very sympathetic toward most homeless people, but I learned a myriad of things I wasn’t aware of before. I really never thought about the fact that they feel unseen and unheard. I guess subconsciously I know that many people here in the United States are afraid of what they don’t know and like to pretend that things like this don’t exist in their community. I don’t understand how people can be so cold and apathetic towards other human beings who live under such

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