Homeless Essay

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Homeless People have an image of what homeless people should be, I didn't fit these descriptions! I didn't have the messy hair, or the torn clothes, but that all changed!

I had only been homeless a long time now, and I had tried my hardest to keep my clothes clean and clean myself. But I couldn't keep up with the standards I was setting for myself. It's a lot harder than people think! Imagine suddenly being chucked out of your home and not knowing what to do. I don't know anyone that could handle it, well, I actually don't know anyone anymore, all my friends, my family turned their backs on me,
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I went to go get her, but Gary ran over to me and told me to stay if I wanted more fun! Of course I did, so I stayed! Gary took me over to a deserted part of the beach and started to kiss me, things got heated. It was so romantic, I wasn't going to stop it from happening, so I went with it. Do I regret that day? Definitely! Well it happened, I can't change that can I! Too late now, I wish I had known the trouble it had caused.

I went back to school on Monday, as happy as I thought possible and went over to see Gary, I ran up behind him and whispered in his ear, he turned around, called me a slut, all his friends laughed and walked off, I burst into tears and ran away, they laughed harder, chanting slut slut slut! I couldn't face being in school, not now. I went to find Kathy, she turned her back on me, in a weekend my life had been turned upside down. Ruined!

I ran away, ran home. No one was in, they were all working! I ran up to my room crying, didn't know what to do, I couldn't face going back, so I got a pad of paper. I wrote on my desk what had happened and I packed my bags. I wouldn't be gone long, well I thought I wouldn't. So I left! Didn't look back.

I walked for hours that day, no where to go so I just went! Walked, aimlessly. Before I knew it, hours had gone. I felt bad, so I walked home. I stood outside my house, looking in the window. I saw my
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