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Helping The Homeless Get Jobs
1.56 million people in the United States are homeless and around 50,000 of those people are children. According to Google, homelessness is defined as a person without a home who typically lives in the streets. This problem needs to be solved because being homeless is illegal in some states and it leads most people down the road of alcohol and drugs. The main causes of homelessness is substance abuse and not having money to pay a security deposit. The effects of this are many diseases like HIV, AIDS, or skin diseases because they are always being exposed to new things. The main impact of this problem is poor health because being homeless and not having a job doesn’t allow people to go to the doctor or buy proper
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These programs would help by teaching them interview skills so they are more confident when going in for an interview. The programs would also supply them with suits to borrow for the interview. This quote is from a non profit organization that does workshops to help the homeless and mainly focuses on the youth living out on the streets. "Just help with choosing the right outfit for that important first meeting. Our staff is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure our kids find a job to help them get off the streets."(Covenant) This shows that there are staff out there willing to help the homeless and to prepare them for a better future. This next quote is from someone who used to be homeless and now helps homeless teens find jobs. “I think one of my problems when I look for a job is that I haven’t been working for a few years”(Yeager) This shows that a reason many homeless people need help getting jobs is because they don’t know, or forget what it's like to interview and enter the work force. Helping the homeless with interview skills and providing them with nice clothes would help them be more prepared and confident about going out and not only finding, but keeping a…show more content…
When homeless people receive money the first thing they typically do is spend it on food or alcohol right away. With a job comes a steady income and will allow them to build up a savings and not just get two dollars from a stranger, spend it, then wonder where their next two dollars will come from. This quote is from a researcher who studied habits of homeless people. "This creates a tendency to spend on short-term relief, rather than long-term needs, which can feed this dependency on alcoholic relief."(Thompson) This shows that with a steady income homeless people would be smarter with their money because they would know they have enough money to buy food now, and more in the future. This next quote is from someone who actually interviewed homeless people and said "I see it as giving them a second chance and most people, given that second chance, do something about those behaviors."(Kanis) This shows that being given the opportunity to get a job gives them a second chance to make the right decision. When homeless people get a consistent income it gives them a second chance to hopefully make the right decision and live a healthier
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