Homeless Is A Feeling Like No Other

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Give Me Shelter Being homeless is a feeling like no other. I have seen individuals choose to be homeless, and I have seen others who did not want this life style, yet were thrown into it head first. The emotions that a person can go through varies depending on one of those two outcomes. Those who choose to live on the streets do not care about themselves as much as someone who has been put there by another means. I have never felt as lonely as I did when I was homeless. I had several friends, yet no friends at all. My family just gave me excuse after excuse as to why I could not stay with them. I had nowhere to call home for about six or seven months of my life. I felt as if I were shunned. To live a life outside of what I had come to know made me think of a fish out of water: trying to grasp on for life with no luck at all. No one was there to help me. Also, it was winter, so staying warm was a feat in itself. I was lonely. What else can I say? I worked a job that had little meaning to me. It did not pay well and being homeless, I was forced to choose to keep what little money I had for clean clothes, gas in my car for warmth, or eating. Seeing as how it was winter, I chose warmth and clean clothing. At times I would go to the laundry mat and get a small sandwich while my clothes were washing. At times, that was all would eat for a few days. I slept mostly in my car: my clothes in the back seat,…
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